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What is the content you’ll be using in your lesson?
For this lesson I decided to take an old English folk song and turn it into a storybook using creative thinking and modern technology. I have geared it for a second grade class and have chosen 2 standards and objectives that help focus my lesson.

Standard 1 objective 2b Use a variety of formats (e.g., drama, sharing of books and personal writings, choral readings, informational reports, retelling experiences, and stories in sequence) in presenting with various forms of media (e.g., pictures, posters, charts, ads, newspapers).

Standard 8 objective 6f Share writing with others using illustrations, graphs, and/or charts to add meaning.

What is the pedagogy you’ll be using and why is it a good fit with the content?
The pedagogy I am using is that of storytelling, personal interpretation of a text, and hands on creating and learning. Through this assignment I want my students to see and understand that taking an old text, or song in this case, and adding your own spin to it can be fun and exciting. I want my students to know that they can add their own spin on any text. This fits in well with my content because it will help students understand that there are different ways to present a book. It will also give them a hands on feel of books, and how to add meaning to them with illustrations.

What is the technology you’ll be using and why is it a good fit with the content and pedagogy?
I will be using digital storytelling to help me with this lesson. This fits in well with my content because it focuses on using a different form of media to express a story. We are taking a book and showing kids how to share them through a digital media. This technology also works great with standard 8 because we are using music, and pictures to add meaning to a text. Digital storytelling is also a great media tool when working with the pedagogy that I have chosen for this lesson. It will help me demonstrate to my students just how exciting old stories told in a new way can be modernized and exciting with the help of technology.